Why is the Sky Blue?

Posted on April 05, 2011

My friends have something to say to you about your well being.

Expert leadership means you lead in what you’re good at.

Today is the day to learn about “how to” be well.

7 How to repair vitamin deficiency starting with D.

  1. position ~ where to be to receive (summer sun)
  2. intake ~ how to get it (all year round)
  3. usage ~ how to store (body & cupboard)
  4. learn ~ good ways (multiple ways)
  5. act ~ your best stance (best interests)
  6. repair ~ if it’s broken (fix it)
  7. daily dose of D vitamin (your calculator)

The answer to why is the sky blue: it isn’t blue anymore and it isn’t clear why. We will help you cut through the haze because we’re in this together. Doesn’t matter why the sun doesn’t shine brightly anymore. What matters is how to get that vital nutrient into our bodies right now! And where to get it.

And that, my friends, is why you will start by finding out not if, but “how much” to take.

Go to the Daily Dose of D Calculator.